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TDS (The Drill Store) is well known in water well drill rig, blasting hole drill rig, air compressor, DTH tools, top hammer tools,rotary tools, RC tools, casing system and HDD tools, etc. We are serving the drilling industry in mining, quarrying, engineering construction and infrastructure construction. Our vision is to be market leader in related industry with innovation and customer orientation.


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  • Daily maintenance

    I. Items for regular inspection of drilling rig 1. Check the main structure of the drill, bolts of structural connectors, connecting pins of structural components, welding seams of various struc...

  • Operating procedures

    1. The drilling site should be kept clean.   2, rig installation and disassembly, to ensure correct and complete.   3. When lifting the mast of the drilling rig, the operator ...

  • The main structure of the drilling rig

    1, car chassis: the chassis of the truck as the walking mechanism of the drill, according to the research and development and design requirements of the rotary drilling rig. 2, hydraulic support de...

  • Classification of mining machinery

    Classification of mining machinery Crushing equipment Crushing equipment is the mechanical equipment used for crushing minerals. Crushing operations are often divided into coarse crushing, mediu...

  • Composition of rig equipment

    Drilling rig, is a set of complex machines, it is composed of machines, units and institutions. Drilling rig is in the exploration or mineral resources (including solid ore, liquid ore, gas ore, et...

  • Mining method

    Underground mining When the deposit is buried deep below the surface, the stripping coefficient will be too high when the open-pit mining is adopted. Because the ore body is buried deeply, in or...