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TDS (The Drill Store) is well known in water well drill rig, blasting hole drill rig, air compressor, DTH tools, top hammer tools,rotary tools, RC tools, casing system and HDD tools, etc. We are serving the drilling industry in mining, quarrying, engineering construction and infrastructure construction. Our vision is to be market leader in related industry with innovation and customer orientation.


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  • How many types of jack hammers are there?

    Jack hammers are powerful tools commonly used in construction and demolition projects. There are several types of jack hammers available in the market, each designed for specific tasks and purposes...

  • How does a handheld rock drill work?

    A handheld rock drill is a powerful tool used in various industries such as mining, construction, and quarrying. It is a portable device that is designed to break through hard rock surfaces efficie...

  • What are the characteristics of solar pil...

    Solar pile drivers are innovative construction tools that harness the power of the sun to drive piles into the ground. These machines have several key characteristics that set them apart from tradi...

  • How does a solar pile driver work?

    A solar pile driver is a machine used in construction to drive piles into the ground for various applications, such as building foundations, retaining walls, and solar panel installations. It works...

  • Air Compressors in the Mining Industry

    Air compressors are essential equipment in the mining industry, playing a crucial role in various mining operations. Mining air compressors are specially designed to meet the demanding requirements...

  • What is a solar pile driver?

    Solar pile driver is a type of machine that uses solar energy to drive piles into the ground. It is an environmentally friendly and sustainable alternative to traditional pile drivers that rely on ...