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TDS (The Drill Store) is well known in water well drill rig, blasting hole drill rig, air compressor, DTH tools, top hammer tools,rotary tools, RC tools, casing system and HDD tools, etc. We are serving the drilling industry in mining, quarrying, engineering construction and infrastructure construction. Our vision is to be market leader in related industry with innovation and customer orientation.


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  • What is a solar pile driver?

    Solar pile driver is a type of machine that uses solar energy to drive piles into the ground. It is an environmentally friendly and sustainable alternative to traditional pile drivers that rely on ...

  • How does top hammer drilling work?

    Top hammer drilling is a commonly used technique in the mining and construction industries to drill holes in rock formations. This method is known for its efficiency and precision in creating holes...

  • How to do the maintenance of the DTH Hammer?

    1. Regularly clean the DTH hammer after each use to remove any debris or dirt that may have accumulated during drilling. Use a brush or compressed air to clean out the hammer. 2. Inspect the ham...

  • How to Select Water Well Drilling Rig

    For water well drilling rig,the general requirement: simple configuration,less energy consumption,easy operation,more moveable,  Muti-functional, small size. In real application, the drilling rig s...

  • Top Hammer Drilling

    The availability of top hammer drilling, the diversity of drill bit design and low operating costs make top hammer drilling a favorable method for many different industries, but with the widespread...

  • TDS,welcome your arrival —-MINING ...

    MINING WORLD RUSSIA, the Russian Mining and Construction Machinery Exhibition, is the largest international industry event in Russia and the CIS countries. It showcases advanced mining equipment, m...